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Magical jewelry made of flower for a natural look

Madamlili represents a special handmade natural jewelry as well as our magical Flofer-jewelry. Filigree-made blossoms make our Necklaces and Earrings natural unique specimen and peculiarity in your collection of jewelry. Handmade fashion jewelry and real decoration with flowers is absolutely in the trend and fit so called Bohemian and hippie-trends. All flowers are carefully selected according to the highest quality and the most beautiful colors. In our jewelry manufactory-house and flagship store, which is situated in Berlin, flower-jewelry is produced fondly by hand.

Jewelry made of real blossom: poetic and natural eye-catcher.

Real blossom-jewelry gives often a romantic, poetic and very gentle impression. A heavier and bigger jewel distracts easily from a personal outfit, but lightweight and natural fashionable jewelry can fit person’s appearance perfectly and attract a tiny look at it. A natural look is nowadays constantly sought and what could be more natural than the elements are from nature derived? Flower-jewelry is one of the oldest accessories in the world. Because the flowers have been stood for a special piece of jewelry and used for an example for fringe of hair. After a while these beautiful jewelry from just a flower can become fade and colorless. With our fabrication on the Necklaces and Earrings, the blossoms remain fresh. The real flower-jewelry from Madamlili doesn’t get distorted.

Aside from well-known flower-jewelry, Madamlili produces numerous Vintage-jewelry pieces, as well. Madamlili introduces several items like necklaces with favorite vintage-photos, locked watches and necklaces with precious stones, wooden details and wonderful Medallions.

The fantastic watches made from real authentic leather are provided with jewelry pieces and tiny pendants. The rings, made with or without flower-jewelry, are always eye-catcher and maybe a real gift for you or your friends. The real flower-jewelry stands on the same line with elegant vintage-rings and classical silver rings.

Jewelry made of flower, Vintage necklaces and more: Individually customizable

You have found your favorite piece of jewelry, but the problem is how it to your style suits? No problem. Madamlili offers all clients to customize the jewelry without any costs according to their own style.

We prefer a good service, as well as, individuality and personality. We make your jewelry with your own motif by engraving or we will be very glad to hear your proposals. The real Flower-Jewelry is always a good choice for an individual and creative looks. We would be very glad to consult you before your order and would help regarding further questions. If something is not correct with your item or you are not satisfied with it, within 14 days you can send the items back to us.